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Why do people prefer brands such as adidas and Nike over other more cheaper brands such as?

Such as ASDA – George, apart than quality
Is one of the reason their social status

Dear Champion,
You recently asked a question about the clothing and brand choice that people chose and if it is a self-image they are trying to project. I can’t find that question to answer it, but I think the answer (though not directly meant for this question) might give you what you need.

Everything about your appearance down to the fabric of your socks projects how you feel about yourself.

self·-image (-im?ij)
one’s conception of oneself and one’s own identity, abilities, worth, etc.

With that definition being said, it seems almost fact that our outer appearance reflects on our inner being.

If a man walks into my office with a dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, in fit physical condition, good hair, groomed face, clean shoe laces, groomed finger nails, smells pleasant, has a clean mouth and fresh breath, wether it is subconscious or not, or it is accurate or not, I will believe that this man is well educated, ready to work, has much to offer, takes pride in his appearence and must be maticulous about everything in life as he is with appearence. (Obviously it doesn’t Guarantee the quality of his personality.) This man is projecting the qualities of hygeine, prepardness, his attention to detail, possibly his socioeconomic status, etc.

If a man comes in my office with greasy hair, bad breath, dirty mouth, smells bad, looks dirty, wearing a scooby-doo t shirt with holes in it that’s too short, dirty cut up jeans, long dirty fingernails, and tennis-shoes with dirty shoe laces, I would more than likely think this man is financially unstable which is probably due to poor education, which makes him unfit for the job I need filled because it requires more mental work than physical work (which he is probably good at). I would also think that he didn’t care enough shower or brush his teeth, which would lead me to believe that he doesn’t care how he makes other’s see him, which probably means he doesn’t much look at himself anymore ( inside or out).

If a girl walks into a bar wearing cootchie cutter shorts, a see through top with a red bra, and thigh high boots, she is trying to project an image. She wants a certain reaction from her viewers, she (as we all are when we are anywhere in public) is advertising herself, and is obviously only after one thing. She sees herself as only worth sex, she validates herself by how many men want her and doesn not value any other qualities she may or may not have (probably a result of men not responding so well and so much to those qualities) and she projects that by what she wears.

If a guy walks in a bar and is decked out in the latest hip hop trends, we would all assume that he likes hip hop, or he does hip hop.

Clothes are like tattoos, they represent a part of us that our "naked" appearence does and cannot say standing alone.

We all do it. You are a man right? You wouldn’t wear female clothing, it doesn’t represent who you really are and how you feel about yourself, and you want others to feel about you.

We may not be "trying" consciously or purposefully to project our self image, but just like the style of our hair, makeup, shoes, car, music we listen to, clothes are a reflection of personal style and taste which can indeed reflect on how we feel about ourselves and more over how we want others to feel about us..

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