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Girls Tattoos Removal Procedures

January 4th, 2010 No comments

Tattoo Removal

OK it is possible that at some time in the future you think to yourself that you have made a terrible mistake and you regret getting your beautiful girls tattoos and you want to know if there is anything you can do. Well there are several methods that are quite successful in removing your girly tattoos and I must point out that at no time should anyone try to remove their own tattoo – this is the job of a professional.

Laser Removal

This is currently the most common method of tattoo removal. This method usually involves 10 or more sessions over a period of time with breaks sometimes of several months between sessions and is quite expensive and can be very painful ( and you thought getting the tattoo was bad ) – but on the positive side it can be very successful depending on the age of the tattoo, you r skin pigmentation and the ink pigments used.

Tattoo pigments of Green, Red and Orange can be very difficult to remove.

Laser technology has advanced massively since the first lasers used in the 1970’s and not all lasers are equal – there are many types, Argon and  CO2 Lasers are the older versions now followed by, Q – switched ruby laser, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and Q-switched alexandrite laser which is the most common and most expensive of the Q-Switched lasers and general consensus is that it causes less skin discoloration than the other types with the least chance of scarring although it must be stressed that there is always a high chance of scarring with when getting rid of your girls tattoos.

Injected Tattoo removal cream

Rejuvi is a product that is tattooed into your girly tattoo and is supposed to make the pigment rise to the surface of your skin and form a thick scab and when this comes off it takes the tattoo pigment with it. This is a new product and certainly in my opinion merits further investigation if indeed you ever wanted to get one of your girls tattoos removed.

Initial feedback is good with many reporting to have had their tattoo removed in a few sessions – there is still a risk of scarring even though the product states it is a minimal risk and there is also the risk of infection – but on the whole i personally think this is one to definitely look at – but that is only my opinion.


Probably the oldest method of tattoo removal and basically is where you rub the skin away using something abrasive like sandpaper or wire wool and although it can remove the ink, the scarring can be very bad as can the pain and infection – in my humble opinion, not good.

Burning The Tattoo

Using something like a solder iron or car cigarette lighter the skin is burned and blistered and the ink comes out with the blister – Again very painful and very bad scarring will occur with a high chance of infection – in my humble opinion, awful.

Acid Peeling

This is also quite an old method of tattoo removal and is only partially successful in the removal of tattoo inks.

In the early days sulphuric acid and tannic acid were injected into the skin and burnt it away and more recently a solution of trichloroacetic acid ( often used in tattoo removal creams ) has been used.

This method can remove the tattoo but leave scaring behind with lightened pigmentation and over use of this method can result in severe scarring.

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