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Why Do Girls Tattoos Fade

November 25th, 2009 No comments

Why do tattoos fade?

Unfortunately this is something that is inevitable – all of your girls tattoos will fade at some time. You may be lucky and it may take 15 – 20 years or you could be very unlucky and your dream tattoo could start to fade in as little as 5 years

There are quite a few reasons why your sexy, cool girly tattoo will start to fade and the rate in which it will fade – these are the main ones.


Now you should know by now that sunbathing is very bad for your skin so you might look great with your tan now but it’s going to age you and your Ink. The sun is probably plays the largest role of all in fading your tattoo – so slap on the sun block.

Basically the sun burns the epidermis and the dermis and becomes damaged – this can cause the pigments to break down as its in the dermis that they are lodged.

Certain tattoo pigments in girls tattoos are more prone to breaking down in the sunlight and these are usually in the magenta range of purples and violets and white pigments particularly don’t like the sun much.

Poor Quality Inks

Now technique obviously plays a big role in weather the ink stays put after your tattoo is finished, the quality of the ink used also plays a vital role. Don’t forget that the tattoo ink is a foreign body in your dermis and your body will attack it to try and rid itself of it by flushing it out. If the ink can’t stand up to the pressure the body puts on it then it will fade much quicker – use a decent reputable brand of ink.

Bad application of the tattoo

As said above – technique plays a vital role – the tattoo ink needs to be inserted into the dermis at the correct depth. Too shallow or too deep and it’s not going to last as long.

Aftercare (Important)

You need to look after your tattoo once it’s finished – see my section on tattoo aftercare.

But just to reiterate Don’t pick the scabs, Don’t go in a swimming pool because of the chlorine, stay away from steam rooms and don’t go sunbathing – not until your girls tattoo is fully healed.

Do moisturize your tattoo once healed – keep your skin in good condition and your tattoo will look good for longer.

Anna x

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