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Announcement: Girls Tattoos – The Absolute Hottest & Sexiest sites to visit.

October 21st, 2009 No comments

Hi All,

My name is Anna and i’m 23 and live in London. For quite a while i’ve been looking into the whole tattoos scene with obvious interest in girls tattoos. About a year ago i decided that i wanted a girls tattoo but like most first timers had many questions and doubts about getting a tattoo that was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I loved many of the tattoos that i’ve seen on other girls – they look real cool & sexy – just what i desired to have but i decided that if i was going to go through with it then i needed questions answered.

So these were some of my major questions that needed answering:

  • The biggy – what Cool & Sexy Tattoo do i get ?
  • The next biggy – Where on my body should it go ?
  • Do I go little and discreet ?
  • Do I be brave and go larger and bolder ?
  • What Tattoo Studio or tattoo artist should i trust to do this to me ?
  • What if i make a mistake ?
  • Where is the best place to look at tattoo designs ?
  • Where is the best place to get tattoo flashes to take to my chosen artist ?
  • Where can i get girls tattoos inspiration from ?

Well in order to answer these and other questions I decided to do my research and looked at all the major girls tattoos sites I could find on the web.

Well these are my Top 2 Sites and why I liked them – Don’t bother wasting your time with any of the others

Chopper Tattoo is the other site I would recommend to you if you are looking for the best tattoo designs available – this site is all about the designs and claims to have the number one gallery on the Web. It has about 3800 catagorized designs that are all of top quality – no fillers here. You get a fully customizable lettering section offering countless options and ideas that is really great. You find your design, click and print – then off to the parlour to get inked. With your membership you get a free Inked magazine and a huge music download Bonus valued at $297 thrown in.

Chopper Tattoo is not as fully featured as Tattoo me Now but does offer excellent value for some of the best tattoo designs you could find.

Tattoo Me Now

Click to Visit
Click to Visit

This is another fantastic site and worth every penny I paid. Once again there are are a few really useful parts to this site. Obviously the Design Gallery is your first stop and although there are only about half the designs of the Print My Tattoo site, if like me your looking for girls tattoos then the 3,500 designs they have are more than enough to get you on your way to choosing your tattoo. The ability to combine more than one tattoo design more than makes up for the reduction in number of designs e.g. you may want to add some lettering to a heart or cupid tattoo design or combine two cool girls tattoos into one awsome custom design – you get the picture i’m sure.

Ok the next really cool bit about the site is their members gallery – it’s truly awesome and it is here that you can get some real inspiration as to what tattoos you think look cool & Sexy and what turns you off. It was here that i got my personal inspiration for my tattoo – but i actually found my tattoo flash on a different site – so it goes to show if your serious about getting some ink done then don’t rush into the first thing you think will look cool – look around, get some ideas from different places – after all this is going to be with you a long time !

Other sections are a Forum where you can post your questions and get your feedbackthere are loads of members on this forum so it’s a great place to visit. Yet another really cool feature is the Video Vault with tattoo related videos in 12 different categories including TV shows, documentaries and funny stuff as well.

Well to sum up – This site has it all40 Design categories, 38 members gallery categories, 12 Tattoo Video categories, a Forum AND i almost forgot the Studio Directory with over 10,000 studios in 38 countries. If you can only afford to join one site then i would recommend this one – without hesitation.

I hope you have found my review of my top sites informative and would love to have your comments. Over the next week or so i shall be adding a few pages on the sites that in my opinion do not offer those looking for girls tattoos very good value for money for the content on offer.

I am also sorting out some FREE TATTOO DESIGNS, FREE TATTOO EBOOKS to download and a GALLERY so please bookmark this page or click my RSS feed for updates.

As soon as i have worked out how to do it i’ll have it uploaded.

Good luck with your search for your perfect tattoo.

Anna xxx

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Why do so many people assume that young girls with tattoos are just following trends and will regret it later?

January 27th, 2011 No comments

Personally, I don’t have one, but I’m contemplating it.

I’ve heard so many people say, "Oh, it’s just a fad, and you’ll regret it in 10 years." I know many girls my age {20} or slightly older that have tattoos they love. They did not get them because they wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but because the tattoos were special and meaningful to them. I also know many women {ages 30-60} with tattoos they got in their early 20’s who say they wouldn’t be the same without them and don’t regret them in the slightest.

Why do so many people assume that tattoos= future regret?

the people who say that are idiots

they are just cynical…

they think, that because they dont like tattoos, they are ‘not following a trend’
when actually, there is no trend… tattoos are for those who really want one

im getting one soon! and im not gunna regret it

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Where can I find some really sexy tattoo designs for girls?

January 27th, 2011 No comments

It’s great to get you started, but when you start to get ideas, draw up your own. Or have a tattoo artist draw one for you. Tattoos should be unique. I would die if I saw someone with the same tattoos as me. I’m very proud of them, and have drawn them all myself.

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Most Popular Girls Tattoos

February 18th, 2010 No comments

Most Popular Girls Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are now at their height of popularity and now all sorts of people from all walks of life have them. Over the last 25 years there has been a massive shift in the way tattoos are perceived and they are no longer looked down on as a lower class stamp – although that will never change with certain parts of society.

Now people – and especially girls are getting more and more tattoos than ever and unlike days gone by when it was often a spur of the moment thing during a big night out, rolling into the tattoo studio and choosing one they like the look of off the wall, the tattoo that someone is going to have is being researched and chosen well in advance of their inking and the Internet has had a massive part to play in this.

The Internet has also had a massive impact in resurgence of  tribal cultures and ancient forms of tattoo art and practices such as Japanese tebori, Maori ta moko and Polynesian ta tau to an increasingly fascinated audience.  As a result there has been unprecedented interest in ancient forms of tattoo and tattoo designs.

More and more people are now looking for a tattoo that is symbolic or has a personal meaning to them and that is why so many people are asking for word translations in Japanese kanji, Hindu or Arabic scripts. The result is that tattoo styles are changing and the old historical styles that have been around for thousands of years are having a resurgence of popularity – but thats not to say that beautiful picture girls tattoos are not popular too as most girls also want something pleasing to the eye inked on their body.

This is what I have found to be the most popular girls tattoos at the moment:

Top 10 Most Popular Girls Tattoos

Nautical star tattoos tattoos are popular tattoo designs.

1. Star Tattoos

2. Angel & Fairy tattoos

3. Tribal Tattoos – Tribal tattoos have been been practiced in one form or another for millenia and their current popularity show no sign of slowing down. Included in this category of tribal tattoos are Maori tattoos, Polynesian and Haida style of tattoos.

4. Flower Tattoos – Flower tattoo designs can represent a timeless symbol of beauty and again are a popular choice of tattoo design particularly amongst girls.

5. Celtic Tattoos – In the past few years Celtic tattoos have experienced a massive revival with the history of the Celtic people going back thousands of years.

6. Bird Tattoos

7. Lower Back Tattoos – Although not a tattoo style or symbol as such it still has been a hugely popular style of tattoo. Even been tagged with derogatory names such as ‘tramp stamp’ it shows no sign of going away just yet!

8. Butterfly Tattoos – Their beauty and appeal have ensured that not only are butterflies a hugely requested especially by females but they have become a mainstay for the past number of years.

9. Kanji Tattoos – A massive number of people are asking for certain words and names to be translated into Chinese or Japanese scripts. Even with highly publicized errors going around online with kanji script tattoos there is an increasing amount of people getting them done.

10. Black and Gray Tattoos – Black and gray tattoos are generally believed to have started in prisons in the United States but have evolved into a popular style of tattoo. Certain tattoo artists specialize in this style and have become well known for this style.

This list is far from definitive and is based on the amount of searches done for certain design styles along with what is popular in todays female tattoo culture and should only be regarded as a snap shot of what is popular at the moment.

Obviously there are hundreds of other tattoo designs not listed and some tattoo designs see sudden surges in popularity because a certain celebrity is seen with it and then the focus shifts and that design then falls back to its natural popularity again.

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Ultra Violet Girls Tattoos (Black Light Ink)

January 27th, 2010 No comments

UV Ink – Black Light Ink

New to the tattoo scene – UV Ink has been used on humans for about 10 years but only recently turned into a tattoo pigment and used for tattooing.
UV or black light ink glows in the dark especially when put under UV light like you would find in a night club. There are some awesome girls tattoos using UV ink.
They can come in colour but the white ink is not really visable to the naked eye under normal light conditions although the scar outline can be seen.
Is UV Ink Safe ?
To establish if the ink is safe you need to know what it is made from.
There are two leading types of UV ink available:
The first one was used for marking animals and fish so they could be followed in the wild throughout the night and is made from Polymethylmethacrylate 97.5% and micro spheres of fluorescent dye 2.5% suspended in Ultra Violet sterilized, distilled water.
The second type of Black light Ink iss a photo luminescent pigment and includes alkaline earth aluminates in its ingredients. These can be very nasty toxic soft metals such as Barium, Beryllium, Radium and Strontium. These are all highly toxic to the human body and can lead to severe allergic reactions and even cancer.
There is no official research as yet as to whether this type of ink is safe to use in tattooing in the long term.

Does it look cool – Definately, girls tattoos in UV look real cool.
Would I personally have it done – maybe once they have defined what ink is safe.
I take no responsibility for the above information – if in doubt seek further clarification from a medical professional.
Anna x

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Girls Tattoos Recommends – Suicide Girls

January 11th, 2010 No comments

Well now I have a new addition to my must have girls tattoos sites and this is it – Suicide Girls

Suicide girls is not your normal tattoo site but is a social site for the alternative lifestyle.

This site has the hottest girls with the hottest girls tattoos – it’s fantastic.

If you’re into the tattoo scene then you have to check this out – it is huge with over 300,000 members and comments like:

“A nation wide art-sleaze phenomenon” los Angeles Times

“The meeting place for people interested in
alternative lifestyles” New York Times


“Post modern pin-up girls for the
alternative nation” Boston Phoenix

The site is packed full of Photo’s of girls tattoos, videos, groups on every conceivable topic, chat rooms, webcams – you name it and it’s here.

I gotta say suicide girls is not for the faint hearted and meek among you – but if you live it large then get over there, you can become a member or apply to become a model and get paid.

Talk about inspired – well I’m now getting my 3rd girls tattoo sorted – and I’m getting bold – will upload a photo when it’s all done.


Anna x.

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Tattoo Aftercare

November 6th, 2009 No comments

Tattoo Aftercare

Hi All,

I thought I’d write a quick piece on what I’ve researched into the very important subject of the aftercare of your new sexy tattoo. I mean you’ve made the decision on what dreamy girls tattoos you are going to have and you want to make sure that there are no problems. I am going to discuss the different aftercare routines you should be thinking about following. I shall also try to answer some F.A.Q’s on a girls tattoo care.

Well let me start by saying that the main worry about a fresh tattoo is infection so the overriding theme with all the main aftercare routines is cleanliness. One of the common questions are should I use cream, should I bandage or should I let it air dry.

Do antiseptic creams lift ink?

You have to remember that a tattoo is a wound that is trying to heal so you have to keep it free from germs or infection will set in. Antiseptic creams are great for killing germs but if used improperly they can lift ink causing your beautiful tattoos to fade – BUT only if used incorrectly.

Creams such as Savlon, Bepanthen, A&D and germoline are fine to use but stay away from Polysporin based antiseptic spray as this is quite potent and can have an adverse effect on your tattoo.

If you are going to use creams then you need to use them sparingly, maybe 2 or 3 times a day and only putting a light film on. Use only until scabbing has started or the cuts have sealed and the tattoo has started to peel.

Antiseptic cream is a great line of defense and used as stated above is a good start to your aftercare as it really cuts down any risk of infection and will leave your tattoo looking great.

Should I bandage my Tattoo?

After you have had your new girls tattoo finished your tattoo artist may wrap it in cling film. I would advise you go home and gently wash your tattoo in warm water and pat it dry and then re apply some fresh cling film until the bleeding has stopped.

Don’t apply a bandage as it can clog the pores and harbor a lot of bacteria and cause infection.

Wash your tattoo daily and leave to heal in open air.

Dry healing

This is where you basically leave your tattoo to heal in the open air without the use of antiseptic creams or moisturizers. You just wash your tattoo with warm water and a mild soap and leave to naturally scab and heal. This is good for those that are sensitive to creams and moisturizers but can be extremely itchy when your sexy tattoo starts to peel and not feel so sexy.

To sum up – Do’s

Cover your tattoo for at least 3 hours after completion.

Keep it clean – Wash your tattoo daily with a mild a non-scented soap.

If using creams – use sparingly.

Leave it to dry in the air or wear clean, loose fitting clothing if it is covered.

Don’t worry that there is a small amount of ink in the peeled skin – this is normal.


Pick, Rub or scratch at your tattoos even when it’s peeling.

Soak your tattoo in the bath or go swimming for at least 2 weeks – avoid until the tattoo is healed.

Don’t allow lots of direct sunlight ( i.e. sunbathing ) on your tattoo for first 2-3 weeks.

Shave, wax, epilate etc. the tattooed area until it is healed.

Most importantly if you have any questions or worries then consult the artist who did the tattoo or if infection does set in seek medical advice. Make sure you keep it clean and you are happy with your aftercare routine.

Anna x.

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