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Ultra Violet Girls Tattoos (Black Light Ink)

January 27th, 2010 No comments

UV Ink – Black Light Ink

New to the tattoo scene – UV Ink has been used on humans for about 10 years but only recently turned into a tattoo pigment and used for tattooing.
UV or black light ink glows in the dark especially when put under UV light like you would find in a night club. There are some awesome girls tattoos using UV ink.
They can come in colour but the white ink is not really visable to the naked eye under normal light conditions although the scar outline can be seen.
Is UV Ink Safe ?
To establish if the ink is safe you need to know what it is made from.
There are two leading types of UV ink available:
The first one was used for marking animals and fish so they could be followed in the wild throughout the night and is made from Polymethylmethacrylate 97.5% and micro spheres of fluorescent dye 2.5% suspended in Ultra Violet sterilized, distilled water.
The second type of Black light Ink iss a photo luminescent pigment and includes alkaline earth aluminates in its ingredients. These can be very nasty toxic soft metals such as Barium, Beryllium, Radium and Strontium. These are all highly toxic to the human body and can lead to severe allergic reactions and even cancer.
There is no official research as yet as to whether this type of ink is safe to use in tattooing in the long term.

Does it look cool – Definately, girls tattoos in UV look real cool.
Would I personally have it done – maybe once they have defined what ink is safe.
I take no responsibility for the above information – if in doubt seek further clarification from a medical professional.
Anna x

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