What type of book generally sells the best?

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Romantic comedy

Science fiction


Which style does the market beg for right now?

With the explosion of "chick lit" romantic comedies and romantic dramadey’s this might not be the way to go as you could easily get lost in the shuffle.

Science Fiction – Sci-Fi fans can be fickle. Put in too much science, and you risk alienating those who are looking for a fun space opera. Put in not enough science and you risk alienating the Hard sci-fi fans who love reading scientific theories wrapped around plot. Plus there are some many sub-genres within sci-fi. I’d recommend sci-fi if you have a particular niche that you are comfortable writing in. Some popular sub-genres right now are Steam Punk, Sci-Fi influenced drama (akin to Time traveler’s Wife) and Near-Future Dystopian.

Mystery – Mysteries are always a good seller – come up with a compelling plot, intriguing characters and a good twist and you have the makings for a great seller. Look at "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" as an example. Mystery has probably the most longevity, the most marketability and is the least susceptible to fads or passing trends.

What’s a good way to reveal baby’s gender at a gender reveal party?

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I want something creative, not the typical open the box or cut the cake. Please help! Thanks :)
I think I want it to be more of so,etching like a WOW MOMENT like all of a sudden and surprising!

Well I found these ideas on Baby Center.

Today’s expecting parents are using fun themes for their reveals, such as pregnancy cravings (think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips) or ducks (hang up a "waddle it be" banner).

You can also let holidays guide the theme. "Our friend had her gender reveal in October, and everyone wore either a pink or blue pumpkin pin" says one BabyCenter expecting mom.

"We combined our reveal party with St. Patrick’s Day, which made it extra fun," adds Martin. (Yes, she had pink and blue shamrocks!)


Balloons-in-a-box is one of the hottest trends going.

"We had the doctor write down the gender, and my mom brought the envelope to the grocery store and asked the clerk to fill a large box with either pink or blue balloons," says Angela, a BabyCenter mom. "We opened the box in front of our friends and family – and blue balloons flew out!"

Those looking for a smaller-scale idea can ask a party supply store to fill a black balloon with either pink or blue confetti, and then wield a pin at the party. Pop!  


Make those guests commit! Ask everyone to wear either pink or blue, or provide gender-specific accessories, such as pink and blue bead necklaces, pins, leis, or temporary tattoos. One inspired couple gave out cardboard mustaches and lips on sticks. 


With all the Hunger Games references floating around, it’s no surprise that some people are going lottery-style.

"My friend is going to make cake pops, but only one will have the colored center," says one BabyCenter mom. A particularly creative idea comes from Tiffany: "We had a huge Easter egg hunt, and one egg had a slip of paper inside that said, ‘It’s a boy!’"  


One popular way for expecting parents to reveal their baby’s sex is to unwrap a baby outfit in front of party guests.

"We had the ultrasound technician write the gender on a slip of paper, and then we went to a store and picked out a boy and girl outfit," says Sarah. "We handed the outfits and the envelope to the cashier, and she boxed the correct outfit for us." 


Getting creative with food can be an easy way to make your party extra festive – just don’t forget the food dye!

"It would be perfect if you decorated deviled eggs to look like Momma’s belly with pink or blue filling," suggests one BabyCenter mom. Check out the BabyCenter Community for more food ideas.

how will your skin look after getting a glow in the dark tattoo?

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I want to get a glow in the dark tattoo in my hand since I heard it won’t be visible, and I always wanted a tattoo in my hand. I want to know if it’ll be visible once the healing process is done. I understand the tattoo will be visible for the first few weeks since it’ll look like a bunch of scars, but once it heals, will the scars still show?

I know a girl with a black light ink tattoo…and you *can see it if you know it’s there. Just looks light very very faint white ink. But if you didn’t know she had it, you wouldn’t notice unless you were really close to her skin and paying attention. So, once it’s fully healed…it is visible to an extent, but barely. However, I’ve seen some pictures that show black ink tattoos with and without UV light and without the UV light they still look like solid white ink tattoos. So it probably also depends on what brand of ink is used and how heavy the design is too.

Do you have or would you get a tattoo to commemorate having kids?

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If you have one or want one, what did/would you get and where?

I’m thinking about doing something small, yet meaningful, in an inconspicuous area and don’t have a lot of ideas.

I have one…it’s about 3 inches long and it’s at the bottom of my abdomen and it looks mysteriously like a c-section scar….

Oh wait…it is a scar.

I have the kid to commemorate the kid…I don’t need a tattoo.

I have a cousin who’s husband had the baby’s newborn footprints tattooed onto his back….

This seems to be a popular trend for new moms now a days…tiny roses or tiny flowers of some sort ….

It’s cute I guess…I’ve just never been much of a tattoo girl…and really the scar of the 14 abdominal staples is already quite a reminder…lol

What should come first – marriage or children? Do you think children before marriage impacts on the children?

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Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that more and more people are having children before they’re married – either by choice or by accident.

What is your opinion on it? Do you think it impacts positively or negatively on their children?

I personally don’t think I’d do it, but I’m still curious of people’s opinions.

Thank you!

Marriage creates a stable environment for children to be reared in (assuming it’s a stable marriage). Chaos in the home an instability can really mess children up. Children who had a lot of chaos in their early childhood (before puberty) can begin exhibiting some crazy behavior in their teens and early adulthood. They can begin having overwhelming feelings that they don’t know how to deal with. They will use the arousal mechanism to attempt to deal with these feelings. This can include thrill seeking behavior, aggressive piercing/tattooing (e.g. genital piercing), self mutilation (cutting, burning, hair pulling, etc.), excessive sexualization, and other behavior.

Granted, chaos can happen plenty even with married couples (particularly when one or both parents are addicts/alcoholics or abusive), but even the lack of a steady father figure can be a cause of chaos. So, if you’re a single mother and you keep bringing different men into the children’s life and not let them have a steady and healthy relationship with their father, it can be a cause of chaos to the children.

When children (especially girls) do not have a good relationship with their father or father figure, they tend to seek father figures in their relationships with men. These are the girls that will date guys in their twenties when she is only fourteen or so. When they exhibit these kinds of behaviors, they will inherently attract men that are flawed (like the guy in his twenties dating a fourteen year-old). This will tend to lead towards the girls being attracted to abusive a** holes.

Children who come from a lot of chaos will also tend to become uncomfortable opening up to others and having intimate relationships with them. They also become uneasy in the lack of chaos. This is often exhibited in romantic relationships. These children will be attracted to people who are chaotic in their relationship (abusive a** holes). If they begin dating someone who is a nice person who treats them right, they will become uncomfortable and sabotage their relationship. One example of sabotage is cheating on their partner and having the urge to tell them they cheated.

Now that everyone who read my answer is very depressed, the good news is, this is a trend and is not always what happens. It’s also possible to create a stable environment for children outside of a marriage, but is more difficult and uncertain.

In short, have kids after you’re married, your marriage is steady, and you’re able to create a stable atmosphere for your children to grow up in.

How long will it take to grow emo hair and what is your opinion of it?

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First, I have taken a look back at my life and into myself, and also have taken tests in psychology classes and personality tests online and in other institutions. The results show that all my life I’ve been very introverted, had a high level of neuroticism due to self-concious thoughts plaguing my every breath, and a bit of creativity and many compliments from professors in terms of my writing. A counselor I spoke with during a time where I just felt the urge to die concluded that I may have avoidant personality disorder. If you know society’s stereotypes, I scream emo. Music wise, I listen to punk rock, but emo was created from punk so it works.

Call me what you want, but I like the emo look, and certaintly wouldn’t be a poser the way my personality is and the dark roads I’ve gone down. My hair is brown and about half an inch long at the moment, and my bangs stop a quarter of the way down my forehead. How long will it take before I can part it emo style? My hair kinda grows fast.
Have you seen Spiderman 3? Remember when Peter Parker gets infected with the black suit and starts turning evil, and for some strange reason the producers emphasized the change in his crew cut to a more emo look? That was weird, I know, but Parker’s hair at that time in the film wasn’t covering his whole face or jet black, but he had the basic emo mop to the point that he could cover his eye. That’s kind of what I’m wondering how long it will take my half inch hair to get to, and then obviously let time take it a little more emo, unless I suddenly change. Yeah, I know it’s hard, but resist the insulting remarks and just answer the question.

Audioengineer2005 has an excellent point. I can understand how you would want to be emo having the personality and experiences you do, and the fact that emo exploded into the norm overnight and is still a recent trend/fashion, but you are what you are on the inside, not outside. Yeah, it sounds like a corny, live-in-a-perfect-world lie from grandma and grandpa, but it’s the truth, no matter how much anyone denies it. You shouldn’t be concerned much of your appearance. especially not in terms of what contorted society label you’ll be. Focusing too much on that can make you forget about more important things, like family. Do you have a grandmother? Take a minute to think about her. How much time does she have left? Is she happy? Maybe a visit from her grandson would make her day. And what about the job force? What would an employer think of you if you had your emo haircut during a formal interview? Employers have discarded applications after seeing applicants with one too many piercings, maybe a tattoo, anything unnatural and obvious that would upset your grandparents if they saw it. So, a clean appearance is best for all situations. That’s my opinion of the hair, as you asked.

As far as how long it would take, it really all depends. If your hair grows fast, maybe in a month you’ll be able to start getting your bangs over your eye. Most likely it will take several months to get it to the supreme emo length where it covers your whole face. Actually, some people who try to grow their hair to longer lengths (girls try it out all the time) wait over a year before it gets to the desired length. So, don’t expect to hide your face behind your hair in a month. You might not even get the Peter Parker look in a month. It really all depends, and I can’t take a logical guess. You know your hair. Just go by that, but know it’s not something a few days, or even months sometimes, can create. I suggest waiting until your bangs grow close to your eye level, and the sides of your hair consume your ears and grow down past them, then go to the barbor and have them get rid of the unkempt hair on your neck and stuff that will have formed, and cut and style it as needed for the emo look.

But remember your appearance means nothing.

How many tattoos on a girl take it from tasteful to unattractive?

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Just wondering guys, please no smarta** answers….

I think that if you decide to put artwork on your body that will be permanent, that it should not be for the purpose of being attractive to other people, but because the tattoos are meaningful to you, and something you want to decorate your body with. Therefore, deciding how many tattoos is the right number would be a very personal decision.

If a person is being creative and expressing themself, anything from one tiny tatoo, to a full body’s worth can be attractive in my opinion. It’s the outer expression of the inner self that makes body art compelling. And of course, that’s the whole point – tattoos are art that is meant to last, not a fashion trend.

why are tattoos and piercings so popular lately?

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they seem to be very popular with girls .where has the influence come from?

tattoos have gained momentum in the last decade because of public opinion, your grand parents saw of body art as thing suited for sailors and criminals, your parents saw it as a biker thing, now with doctors, lawyers, tv hosts, and everyone else being willing to put something on their skin permanently it has become a fashion trend.

What would you think of this tattoo idea?

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I am wanting to get a cover up tattoo and have to decide on what I want to get. I am thinking of getting a half sleeve Hawaiian theme tattoo. I have a hula girl tattoo on my back and thought that they would go well together (sticking with one theme on my body). The half sleeve tattoo would consist of a mix of flowers, palm trees, tiki, fish, etc.

I lived in the Hawaiian islands (Maui) and am in love with the state. I will eventually be moving to Honolulu soon and living there. The tattoo would mean something to me I can keep with forever. Opinions appreciated!

it is a good idea, the design is great amnd must be very beautiful, you can tattoo it just like you want[. good luck to you!

Why do so many women get that ugly tattoo on their lower back?

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I guess I’ve heard it described as a "tramp stamp", and it is UGLY. I know the big argument for a lot of women is, "my body my life"; however, there is nothing attractive about having some pseudo-sophisticated script carved into your skin, especially right above your backside.

Why do so many women do that? Is it a low-self-esteem thing? Do they actually think they are being "rebellious" when they do that, when in reality they are just following the pack?

I honestly think it’s just a trend, and people like to follow it. I have a tattoo on my back, but I purposely didn’t get it in the middle of my lower back because it seemed so overdone. It’s a fad right now, and often is associated with being easy. That’s where the tramp stamp title came from. Girls think it’s sexy because it gets guys focusing on their lower back and butt. My younger sister got it and for her I think it was a rebellious thing, but really it just looks silly. I think the girls who did it to fit in with the rebellious slutty crowd are going to regret it.