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Announcement: Girls Tattoos – The Absolute Hottest & Sexiest sites to visit.

October 21st, 2009 No comments

Hi All,

My name is Anna and i’m 23 and live in London. For quite a while i’ve been looking into the whole tattoos scene with obvious interest in girls tattoos. About a year ago i decided that i wanted a girls tattoo but like most first timers had many questions and doubts about getting a tattoo that was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I loved many of the tattoos that i’ve seen on other girls – they look real cool & sexy – just what i desired to have but i decided that if i was going to go through with it then i needed questions answered.

So these were some of my major questions that needed answering:

  • The biggy – what Cool & Sexy Tattoo do i get ?
  • The next biggy – Where on my body should it go ?
  • Do I go little and discreet ?
  • Do I be brave and go larger and bolder ?
  • What Tattoo Studio or tattoo artist should i trust to do this to me ?
  • What if i make a mistake ?
  • Where is the best place to look at tattoo designs ?
  • Where is the best place to get tattoo flashes to take to my chosen artist ?
  • Where can i get girls tattoos inspiration from ?

Well in order to answer these and other questions I decided to do my research and looked at all the major girls tattoos sites I could find on the web.

Well these are my Top 2 Sites and why I liked them – Don’t bother wasting your time with any of the others

Chopper Tattoo is the other site I would recommend to you if you are looking for the best tattoo designs available – this site is all about the designs and claims to have the number one gallery on the Web. It has about 3800 catagorized designs that are all of top quality – no fillers here. You get a fully customizable lettering section offering countless options and ideas that is really great. You find your design, click and print – then off to the parlour to get inked. With your membership you get a free Inked magazine and a huge music download Bonus valued at $297 thrown in.

Chopper Tattoo is not as fully featured as Tattoo me Now but does offer excellent value for some of the best tattoo designs you could find.

Tattoo Me Now

Click to Visit
Click to Visit

This is another fantastic site and worth every penny I paid. Once again there are are a few really useful parts to this site. Obviously the Design Gallery is your first stop and although there are only about half the designs of the Print My Tattoo site, if like me your looking for girls tattoos then the 3,500 designs they have are more than enough to get you on your way to choosing your tattoo. The ability to combine more than one tattoo design more than makes up for the reduction in number of designs e.g. you may want to add some lettering to a heart or cupid tattoo design or combine two cool girls tattoos into one awsome custom design – you get the picture i’m sure.

Ok the next really cool bit about the site is their members gallery – it’s truly awesome and it is here that you can get some real inspiration as to what tattoos you think look cool & Sexy and what turns you off. It was here that i got my personal inspiration for my tattoo – but i actually found my tattoo flash on a different site – so it goes to show if your serious about getting some ink done then don’t rush into the first thing you think will look cool – look around, get some ideas from different places – after all this is going to be with you a long time !

Other sections are a Forum where you can post your questions and get your feedbackthere are loads of members on this forum so it’s a great place to visit. Yet another really cool feature is the Video Vault with tattoo related videos in 12 different categories including TV shows, documentaries and funny stuff as well.

Well to sum up – This site has it all40 Design categories, 38 members gallery categories, 12 Tattoo Video categories, a Forum AND i almost forgot the Studio Directory with over 10,000 studios in 38 countries. If you can only afford to join one site then i would recommend this one – without hesitation.

I hope you have found my review of my top sites informative and would love to have your comments. Over the next week or so i shall be adding a few pages on the sites that in my opinion do not offer those looking for girls tattoos very good value for money for the content on offer.

I am also sorting out some FREE TATTOO DESIGNS, FREE TATTOO EBOOKS to download and a GALLERY so please bookmark this page or click my RSS feed for updates.

As soon as i have worked out how to do it i’ll have it uploaded.

Good luck with your search for your perfect tattoo.

Anna xxx

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What should I name my feather extension and Henna tattoo business?

October 19th, 2013 No comments

I have a small home business where I put feather extensions and tinsel in people’s hair. I also sell clip in extensions, do Henna tattoos, and design tattoos. I do more of the hair stuff but I would like to start doing more Henna tattoos and tattoo designs. I want to start doing little girl parties and definitely want to expand my business. I mostly do my advertising on Facebook so I need a new and catchy name that gets what I do out there! Right now, I am called Hair and Henna by Jade. Thats no fun! I need something that people could easily tell their friends about! Any ideas would help.


Glam r us
Sexy style
Glam by jade
Miss jades glamaprise
Little miss glam pamper parties
Glitter and glam
Jades body art and hair
Glam girl make overs
Tween glam hair plus parties
Body art and hair mobile
Mobile glam party by jade
Luv it hanna and hair

What are some cool henna tattoo designs?

August 22nd, 2013 No comments

I’m a girl and I’m going to the beach this weekend and I’m planning on getting a henna tattoo. But I’m really not sure what design to get! What’s a cool design that you’ve seen before or that you’ve had yourself? And if you have pics that would be great! Thanks!

why do a lot of girls have key tattoos?

May 30th, 2013 No comments

They usually have a skeleton key or some other tattoo design on their forearm/upper arm. When did this get popular all of a sudden?

It’s just another popular trend unfortunately. Just like anchors, infinity symbols, tribal tattoos, etc. It’s all pretty much a fashion statement.

Can I do a walk in for this tattoo?

May 5th, 2013 No comments

I’m planning on getting the silhouette of Toy Story characters on my upper back/shoulder. I want each character’s silhouette to be in a different color. I want it small sort of like the very popular bird silhouette tatts that are trending in regards to size. The shop I’m going to is an award winning shop here on the central coast. Lastly, in case you’re wondering, I’m getting it for a lot of personal reasons. I have my heart set on it. It will be my first tatt btw and I am 21.

you’re a girl after my own heart.
i have 2 disney tattoos. some people think they are childish. i do not.
i have a mickey mouse tattoo and a figment tattoo (figment is a purple dragon that is unique to a ride in the epcot theme park in disney world in florida)

you can do a walk in for any tattoo but you may have to wait a long time depending on how many people are working and how many people are ahead of you.

personally i would make an appointment.
its a lot easier that way.
then you know you will be seen right then and can get it done faster.

Am I getting old and out of touch or is this fashion now?

April 22nd, 2013 No comments

Was at a concert tonight and was surprised by the teenage girls and girls in their young twenties.

– Literally 1 in 3 had a tattoo of some sort (mainly on the foot or ankle)
– I could see the cr*ck of a lot of the girls sat in the rows in front of me

I live in Australia. Am I getting old and out of touch or is this what constitues fashion now?

Tats were very big in the U.S. a few years ago and are still somewhat popular but I think it may be somewhat less popular now – I see fewer young people getting them now than I did a few years ago – still, they are permanent. Showing cracks was also a really annoying trend but there has been a crack down (pun intended) on that habit and thankfully pants with higher rises and longer shirts have become more in vogue in the last year or so. Being in Australia maybe you are seeing the tail end (pun intended again) of threse trends.

Does a women with breast implants mean she has psycological issues?

April 21st, 2013 No comments

Since she has warped her body unnaturally, and had surgery and risked permanent damage on a previously healthy body? All for an image that only existed in her mind? And doesn’t love her natural self?

(I’m not speaking about breast cancer patients, although, my aunt had her breast removed but never got implants.)

Back then, this statement would be true. But now it’s a trend. It’s become so mainstream now that it is as common as a piercings, and tattoos. Your average girl walking down the street is bound to have something fake on her.

fake eye lashes
fake hair
fake nails
fake eye color
fake breast size

the list goes on. The only thing that separates plastic surgery and non-plastic surgery is monthly income. Now the intensity of the surgery is what really determines the psychological issues. One girl could spend a few dollars on eye lids which are cheaper than most tattoos, while another can have a $20,000 dollar body.

Why do people prefer brands such as adidas and Nike over other more cheaper brands such as?

April 20th, 2013 No comments

Such as ASDA – George, apart than quality
Is one of the reason their social status

Dear Champion,
You recently asked a question about the clothing and brand choice that people chose and if it is a self-image they are trying to project. I can’t find that question to answer it, but I think the answer (though not directly meant for this question) might give you what you need.

Everything about your appearance down to the fabric of your socks projects how you feel about yourself.

self·-image (-im?ij)
one’s conception of oneself and one’s own identity, abilities, worth, etc.

With that definition being said, it seems almost fact that our outer appearance reflects on our inner being.

If a man walks into my office with a dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, in fit physical condition, good hair, groomed face, clean shoe laces, groomed finger nails, smells pleasant, has a clean mouth and fresh breath, wether it is subconscious or not, or it is accurate or not, I will believe that this man is well educated, ready to work, has much to offer, takes pride in his appearence and must be maticulous about everything in life as he is with appearence. (Obviously it doesn’t Guarantee the quality of his personality.) This man is projecting the qualities of hygeine, prepardness, his attention to detail, possibly his socioeconomic status, etc.

If a man comes in my office with greasy hair, bad breath, dirty mouth, smells bad, looks dirty, wearing a scooby-doo t shirt with holes in it that’s too short, dirty cut up jeans, long dirty fingernails, and tennis-shoes with dirty shoe laces, I would more than likely think this man is financially unstable which is probably due to poor education, which makes him unfit for the job I need filled because it requires more mental work than physical work (which he is probably good at). I would also think that he didn’t care enough shower or brush his teeth, which would lead me to believe that he doesn’t care how he makes other’s see him, which probably means he doesn’t much look at himself anymore ( inside or out).

If a girl walks into a bar wearing cootchie cutter shorts, a see through top with a red bra, and thigh high boots, she is trying to project an image. She wants a certain reaction from her viewers, she (as we all are when we are anywhere in public) is advertising herself, and is obviously only after one thing. She sees herself as only worth sex, she validates herself by how many men want her and doesn not value any other qualities she may or may not have (probably a result of men not responding so well and so much to those qualities) and she projects that by what she wears.

If a guy walks in a bar and is decked out in the latest hip hop trends, we would all assume that he likes hip hop, or he does hip hop.

Clothes are like tattoos, they represent a part of us that our "naked" appearence does and cannot say standing alone.

We all do it. You are a man right? You wouldn’t wear female clothing, it doesn’t represent who you really are and how you feel about yourself, and you want others to feel about you.

We may not be "trying" consciously or purposefully to project our self image, but just like the style of our hair, makeup, shoes, car, music we listen to, clothes are a reflection of personal style and taste which can indeed reflect on how we feel about ourselves and more over how we want others to feel about us..

Guys- What’s one girl trend that confuses you?

April 18th, 2013 No comments

Guys- Just wondering what girl trends that you don’t like, or that confuse you, etc. :)

Tattoos and piercings.

Let’s face it. The average life expectancy is now 80 for a woman. Why on earth would anyone want to modify their body (tats) at the age of 20…and know that they will have that stuff on their skin for another 60 years?

How do you think those tattoos will look at age 50? It just confuses me that young women can be so dumb as to do stuff with their bodies at an early adult age…that will have repercussions for the rest of their lives.

Oh and by the way. I would never hire a person that has a tattoo (unless it was military related and they can show me their honorable discharge papers).

do girls like 16 year old boys with ears pierced and shaved armpits?

April 17th, 2013 No comments

i am 16 and eeryone in my grade shaves their armpits and the big thing now is tattoos and ear piercing.Do girls like this?

Piercings are ok, but what’s up with shaving the pits? Is this some new trend I haven’t hear of? Because I am like at the height of the fashion world, and this is a new one for me, kay?